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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Unlocking the secret’s of the Royal Ring

If you are as stunned as us by the beauty of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and would love to know more about this precious gem, such as why it is blue, how it is mined and its importance over time, then read on…

In celebration of the forthcoming wedding of William and Kate, and given the close affiliation it enjoys with the British Royal Family, the Sri Lanka Gems and Jewellery Association has come up with a treasure trove of a new website dedicated entirely to the Ceylon Sapphire – the stunning stone at the centre of the most talked about engagement ring in Britain!

The website is full of interesting facts, statistics and titbits about this stunning stone, which has long been recognized as the signature of the late Princess Diana after she handpicked it from Asprey and Garrard for her own engagement. Other highlights on the site included the fascinating journey of the stone from Queen of Romania to Christies, and the depth of its symbol of power, wisdom and loyalty.

Read more on the website - It certainly has us dazzled!

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