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Thursday, 26 November 2009


One of our lovely stockists down in Dorset has recently launched their new online site.
Wren is a gorgeous little boutique run by Casey & Jemima,
filled with interesting and beautiful gifts, homewares and accessories.

check it out here: http://www.mywren.co.uk

Here are a few items to tempt you with....

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


We have just entered the world of Twitter!! About time too....its all a bit new to me so just getting my head around how it all works...so easy to get sidetracked into all the amazing people and companies there are to link up to.
Please add us to your followers,
keep up with all our new additions to the range and whats happening in the studio,
and spread the Hummingbird word!


Paper Crave

We were thrilled to have a lovely mention over on the Paper Crave blog... http://papercrave.com/the-hummingbird-card-company/
Thank you Kristen!

This site is dedicated to all things about paper...for all the obsessional paper lovers out there! They showcase lots of beautiful cards,
and decorations and anything paper related.
We love the 'Fontly Five' a regular update of new and funky fonts...
click here for some inspiration http://papercrave.com/category/fontly-five/

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Our glamour range for Xmas....

If you fancy sending a glam Xmas card..these ones are for you.
We have added a few more new cards added into our range...
cut on our beautiful silver lustre card, with a black insert & envelope and a diamante,
just stunning! They will be available very shortly online here: http://www.hummingbirdcards.co.uk/hummingbird-card/cards/christmas-cards.cfm
Glamour BaublesPartridge in a Pear Tree
Vintage Bauble

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Book Sculptor........

Just came across these stunning book sculptures....made by the Melbourne based artist Nicholas Jones who uses books and printed paper to make works which question the manner in which books are 'read'.
"these books were conceived, born, loved, stored, discarded, found anew, studied, cut, folded and reborn".
Nicholas folds, tears, cuts and sews the pages of used books to create these beautiful, subtle pieces. Check out his site here: http://bibliopath.org/