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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Jumping Spider Films

Now I am not usually one to go for video's of weddings, they always seem a bit flat in comparison to memories of a great wedding but we just came across this fab little company via twitter: Jumping Spider Films
We love the graphics of the website www.jumpingspiderfilms.co.uk it was this that really caught our attention, very different from your usual wedding video sites...
This company seems to have the knack of capturing all those best bits, the essence of the wedding and celebrations in a brilliant, creative way. They dont follow a format so each film is unique and tailored to suit your wedding. With over 10 years experience in TV and Film, having made TV programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE and Sky....your memories are in good hands.

"We know not everyone has a traditional wedding that is why at Jumping Spider we thrive on unusual and creative ideas. If you are planning something a bit different speak to us and we are sure we can adjust to your plans or offer some advice of our own. We are adaptable, approachable and full of ideas"

Click on the OUR FILMS section to view one of their creations.
"We are creative and passionate at Jumping Spider and have the knowledge to adapt the film style to reflect your own unique wedding. Our service is discreet, adaptable and highly professional. We do not make old-fashioned wedding videos or follow a repetitive template; every film is different. Your wedding film will be about you, your wedding, your guests and your day"

Jumping Spider are also featured on page 6 of this months SAVE THE DATE magazine click HERE to see.

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