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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Biscuiteers!

This week we've been having some serious biscuit cravings in the Hummingbird studio. This is due in no small part to having discovered the delicious looking offerings of The Biscuiteers!

The Biscuiteers create truly beautiful creations for all sorts of occasions. We particularly love their wedding favours & think that they’d add a really unusual touch to any wedding.

They’re happy to personalise their products so you can make them special to your wedding.

For more mouthwatering pictures visit the wedding section over at The Biscuiteers.




18 Stannary Street
SE11 4AA

Photographs in this blog post are credited to Big Fish.


Milady said...

amazing. totally getting a biscuit card for my aunt!

Clare Beckwith said...

Glad I stumbled across you and your blog. These look delicious! Will definitely go on my supplier list!