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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Little Cupcake Parlour

We have just discovered this totally gorgeous website
Elizabeth, the owner and creator, produces fabulous cupcakes, cakes and these great little toffee apple favours. She can personalise the sticks so they are a perfect treat to your guests. They look lovely!
Choose from a selection of tasty cake flavours from coconut & lime to raspberry & white chocolate, then decide if you want little cupcakes or a big wedding cake! Elizabeth decorates them beautifully and they are sure to have the wow factor on your big day.

Call Elizabeth Cooper on: 07900 812 782 or email her at info@thelittlecakeparlour.co.uk
But beware...Elizabeth will deliver all over the country...even just one little gift wrapped cupcake, so perfect for sending to someone as a little hello, happy birthday or to yourself as a little treat!! We can't resist....!

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